Anwer Khan Modern Hospital Test Price 2023

Anwer Khan Modern Hospital is located in heart of Dhaka. The distinct location of this hospital is at Orchard Point, Dhanmondi. The whole complex is situated over 75 decimal of land and ten adjacent buildings are there to provide a wide range of healthcare services to the people of Bangladesh.

There is an additional medical college to support its identity and has established itself as a renowned medical college in Bangladesh. You can also have a list of qualified doctors when you reach their facility. One of the Members of Parliament Mr. Anwer Hossain Khan is the Managing Director and Chairman of this organization.

Available Departments

You can jump on to the price section of this article to know about the test prices in Anwer Khan Modern Hospital. There are separate departments to support their cause. The main departments of healthcare present at the premises are medicine, rheumatology, cardiology, microbiology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, general surgery, neuro medicine, orthopedics, medicine gastroenterology, repertory, liver, urology, thoracic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, radiation oncology, nephrology, ENT, sinology, psychiatry, physiotherapy, radiology & imaging, obstetrics & gynecology infertility, etc.

If you get admitted into the hospital or reach the premises for taking a test, you can have these specialized departments, their piece of equipments for diagnosis, and their experienced doctors at your disposal. It is very satisfying to find all the healthcare tests and medical advice under the same roof of service.

Anwer Khan Modern Hospital test price

There is a range of different tests that are available at this hospital. The diagnostic center of the hospital takes care of the tests.

The test prices are often high in this institute. The diagnostic charges are two to four times higher in Anwer Haque Modern Hospital. Each of the tests is charged with extra amount than any other government and private hospital. There have been several allegations about this institute for charging extra and also for charging without reason.

There have been a few cases where the patients have been charged with an unnecessary amount of medical bills which are completely out of the box. Few patients have been given minimal services and have been charged insanely in this hospital. Different national news media have reported their falsehood and dishonesty in this sector. It is better to know about the diagnostic prices in government hospitals before taking any tests from this center.

Moreover, if you have already stepped into the site, it would always be better to read their printed document before taking any test. Though, if you are in an emergency and this is the closest medical destination, you can conduct the test. Also, if you just care about the treatment and not the money, you can make yourself comfortable at their establishment.

Additional information

Although, there is a medical college alongside the hospital. To facilitate the patients, the medical college hospital has 750 beds with adequate facilities. Moreover, you can have online test reports from the institution. It would be much better if you have some primary information about test prices before reaching this destination. You are invited to follow our other articles to know about the range of test prices.


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