BSH Hospital Doctor List 2023

BSH Hospital is formally known as Bangladesh Specialized Hospital. If Bangladesh has seen a few world-class hospitals, BSH hospital is one of them. It has set its standard to meet the top-notch level of service and outstanding caliber of recruited doctors. It is located in one of the busiest locations of Dhaka named Shyamoli. The address of the hospital is 21, Shyamoli, Mirpur Road, Dhaka.

The hospital has virtualized all of its services which could be done online or over the wire. You can acquire the list of doctors by calling their hotline numbers. The hotline numbers of the hospital are 10633 and 09666700100. Moreover, the hospital has a dedicated team to collect your sample from your home. You can avail of this facility by calling their “Home Sample Collection” phone number which is 01313777946. For your detailed questions and quotes, you can email them to Also, you can email them any suggestions at

The ICT department of BSH hospital is years ahead of the others due to its excellent maintenance and specialized technical team. You can book an appointment with a doctor and get your reports online. Nonetheless, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and machinery. The hospitality and services of the hospital are very much appreciated by the clients and you would get a warm welcome from the service staff.

Health Concern (Nicotine Dependency)

Nicotine is a chemical that is mainly derived in the human body from tobacco. When a person gets used to having tobacco or smoking, they get the nicotine from their tobacco product which creates a temporary pleasure or relaxation in their brain. Though, this pleasing effect is not prevalent and ends after a certain amount of time. In consequence, the brain asks for more nicotine which creates a dependency on the product.


The most problematic thing is that you experience irritation and dissatisfaction after you stop smoking. It creates a dependency that brings you discomfort after not having it in a chronic way. The craving for smokes can go further and may result in anxiety, depression, constipation, insomnia, diarrhea, anger, etc. In the long run, smoking can weaken your heart and make you vulnerable to cardiac problems. Also, your social boundaries get bolstered and you might feel a hindrance in socializing.

Associated Problems

Smokers and nicotine-dependent individuals experience a number of health problems in long run. Heart diseases, lung cancers, and strokes are much more common in smokers. Regular smokers often experience diabetes because smoking resists insulin activities. Smoking regularly pressures the teeth and gum with a constant accumulation of tar which can develop into serious tooth and gum disorders. Women who are used to smoking generally face complications during pregnancy.


There are anti-smoking chewing gums that help people give up smoking. There are a few other medications for quitting smoking but these need a doctor’s approval.


Keeping a safe distance from smokables is always appreciated and can eradicate this problem from future associations. Also, you should keep a close eye on your children so that they do not get affected by this habit. If you have been into smoking and need a release, you can join groups who are fighting for giving up smoking and can see a doctor for proper medications.

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