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CBC test is referred to as a complete blood count within a standard set of are to represent the healthy blood particle’s presence inside the human body. You can find scientific information about the CBC test and the prices of the CBC test at Popular Diagnostic Center in Bangladesh.

CBC Test Price In Bangladesh Popular

CBC test is charged 400 taka in popular diagnostic centers. You can provide your blood sample in any of the branches of the popular diagnostics, and you would be able to access that report profile online within 24 hours. You also have the option to collect the report in person if you wish. The doctors also grant soft copies of reports for medical practice nowadays. You would be able to enter your patient profile from the internet and get access to your report, presentable in front of the doctor.

CBC Test Price In Other Institute

There are a ton of test centers that perform CBC tests on a regular basis. As you might be far from Popular healthcare centers, you can easily obtain a CBC test with ease. Almost all diagnostic centers perform CBC tests. You can go to a nearer diagnostic center to take this test. The reports are given within a very short time span. Most of it can take up to 24 hours or less if the amount of lab pressure is less.

Testing Procedure

The lab testing for CBC is quite easy now. The blood spectrum is put under the processing dish and the image processor counts the number of the particles within the blood. A large amount of sample is not required because the count is measured as per the representative area under

The Old Procedure

The testing procedure was slightly different and the manual one on previous days. A tiny drop was taken into a slide and a slanting slide was pushed through the sample to create a thinner spectrum. The last portion of that spectrum was taken before the nose of the microscope. A lab attendant used to count all the particles manually and put it into the report.

The Evolution

Hepatology is not limited to counting the particles only nowadays. The image processing machine can count all the particles individually or come up with an overall count. The overall count is called CBC while the other particles like red blood cells, platelets, white blood cells, etc. The manual counting process is error-prone as it depends verily on the concentration of the lab attendant. Now, electronic machines have given diagnostic centers to access a lot of efficiency with such a small effort.

There are more to hepatology or blood-related tests. The microbial level of blood can also be measured through serum inspection or by finding foreign matter or aberration within the blood. The levels of serum inspection or genetic findings are few of the high-tech facilities. Though the serum inspection takes place in a heavy bulk in the diagnostic centers but the genetic finding through blood are only used in research or intricate findings.

More Information About The CBC Test

CBC test stands for complete blood count or known as full blood count. The CBC test also reports the concentration of hematocrit and hemoglobin. A differential calculation can be obtained about the white blood cell ratio for assessing the vulnerability of the patient to any kind of disease. The total immunity response also depends on this aspect. White blood cell is the one that saves the body from fungal or bacterial or viral attack. The doctor can advise for a report of individual blood counts also and all can be done from a single blood sample of the patient.

Particle’s Attributes in Complete Blood Count

The most common blood particle is red blood cells in the blood. These particles are the reason for the reddish coloring of the blood. The red blood cells are also called RBC. RBC collects fresh oxygen from the heart and bind it with the main underlying presence of RBC known as hemoglobin. The bond forms as HBO2 or oxyhemoglobin.

The oxygenated blood is dispersed all around the body. Upon oxygenation of tissues and organs, the oxyhemoglobin component collects carbon di oxide from the body parts and takes it to the heart through veins. In this way, oxygen is reverted into the parts of the body.

The white blood cells are called HBC and also a fundamental component of the blood. These cells are capable to perform phagocytosis inside the human body. If a foreign matter is found inside the body (whether it is a virus or bacteria or fungus or physical molecule or chemical intervention), the HBC surrounds the whole invaded particle. Then, the HBC absorbs the particle through chemical dissolution and creates it as an excreta.

The fungus and bacteria are easily treated with this common immune system of the body. Though, the virus are able to trick the HBC by changing the modes of the antibody within the blood. The HBC assesses it as another HBC cell and releases it. These viruses accumulate and break down the basic immunity function of the body.

There is another particle present in the human body is known as platelets. These particles help in clotting the blood. If any part of the human body is cut accidentally, the platelets coagulate together at that point and stop the flow of the blood through that opening.

Moreover, there are serums and hormones present in the blood. Each of them has different tasks and some of them are byproducts. The serum and hormone levels are not counted inside the blood particles and are not a matter of concern for this article. Though, you can read our other articles about serum testing and can gain enough insight into the serum function.

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