CBC Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

CBC is a standard test of Blood. CBC is a medical term that which refers to, complete blood count or full blood count. This test is done in medical laboratories around the country and the cost is also pretty low. This is a very simple test where all the particles of blood get counted. There are many parts of blood. Those all parts have separate names.

The main particles of the blood which are counted during this test are hemoglobin, white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and hematocrit. CBC test is done in wide range of areas and hospitals or sample testing labs. The cost of the test is quite similar throughout all the hospitals or testing centers. There might be some minor differences in prices and it is not supposed to hurt.

Keep along the article to know about the CBC test price in different parts of the city or at different locations or institutes. The testing labs or medical centers have a special section called diagnostic center and this is where precisely CBC tests are done.

The cost of CBC test price is 400 taka or 400 BDT in general. Though, I am submitting a list of few different test centers for comparing the price and select the closest or convenient ones.

CBC Test Price in Bangladesh

Diagnostics Centers


BIRDEM General Hospital


Popular Diagnostic Center


Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center


Islami Bank Hospital


Bangladesh Specialized Hospital


Labaid Diagnostic Centre (Labaid test price list in Bangladesh)


Thyrocare Bangladesh


Islami Bank Hospital and Foundation


Most of the time private hospitals or private clinics or govt. clinics or govt. hospitals recommend CBC test to the patients. Most of the hospitals take tests for diagnosing the tests of Anemia, Infection, Lukemia, etc. It is a common blood realted test to count the sum amount or major particles to get an overall idea of total count. When the patient feels weak or feeling less energy in body or fever or strange inflammation, the doctor might ask the patient to get a report of CBC to get an overview of blood quality.

Generally some more tests are assigned nowadays for scrutinizing the actual nature of disease. The doctors ask for the reports of each kind of particles also. This can also suggest the type of disease or missing particle related disease like lukemia. The doctor can order or suggest a specific kind of food for the patient if any of the particle is missing lower than the average amount. It is also suggested that, when you get a test for your inspection of dengue fever, you can ask for the CBC test.

It is much efficient nowadays for the patients that, they do not need to donate their blood sample several times. With only a single specimen, the patient can be diagnosed properly. It is a reminder for the patients that, you always ask for small needles or butterfly needles from the lab assistant or diagnostic center manager for less pain. Do not let them take the blood sample with their chosen thick needles, if they ask.

This process is done in many respected hospitals and diagnostic centers in Dhaka. So, always use butterfly needle or take one with you for less pain and hazard. Coz, they might say that, they are not having butterfly syringe in this section or any other excuses. It can ease the pain and soreness which you would be facing after you donate the blood sample.

And always, take your precautionary measures regarding food to be fit. Do not just only take food but just know a little bit about it. Like, you can measure the protein amount of your daily intake or the fiber amount or the glucose amount to keep an overall balance of diet. Moreover, our citizens lack of many necessary vitamins and Vitamin- C is one of the common. So, take a bit of lemon or a chuck of chilli everyday to keep your Vitamin- C balance.

You loose Vitamin- C everyday, so if you take more one day and think that you might not need it for next several days; you are not getting the point. The fat, carbohydrate (glucose) or protein might serve you for sometimes but you constantly loose Vitamin- C everyday. So, it would be much better for you to afford a little bit of fruit or other ways of having some Vitamin- C every day.

These are helpful to maintain your body and your future prospect in reducing your cost at hospitals and clinic. The most important message is, staying mentally happy and taking good healthy food as per your earnings. Moreover, keep your children aware of their food and deantal cleanliness. Albeit, your children’s brain get formed within only first 3-5 years.

So, take a very close look at your children’s protein diet at those years because, later you can raise up a fool through rest of your life. I don’t want to sound harsh on this, but it is a humble reminder that; take care of your children’s protein (fish, meat, pulse, etc) within first five years of growth. Elsewise, your child are also vulnerable to diseases which would need CBC test.

If you are not from Dhaka and need to test CBC, the cost might be a bit lower. Also, it is not mandatory that, you have to test it by doctor’s choice. You can choose any of the designated and renowned diagnostic center from your city. You can choose any fit diagnostic center at your convenience if it has government license. Though, the doctor can give you a commission from your tests if you are in poor condition.

In that case, you have to ask the doctor humbly and have to tell the doctor about your poor financial condition. If the doctor wish, he can ask for a reduction from the diagnostic center or lab. This process can not be done by force. It is only the doctor’s humanity to serve you this discount as an intellectual and a fellow citizen.

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