CBC Test Price in Ibn Sina 2023

CBC tests are affordable and an easy test. If you can reach an Ibn Sina trust within your range of location, you can take the test. You can perform the test even if you are not advised by the doctor and a general test regarding health issues. 

CBC test price in Ibn Sina

CBC Test Price is quite convenient in Ibn Sina. The price for CBC test in Ibn Sina is 340 taka.

CBC test

CBC test is known as a complete blood count test. In this test, all the blood particles of blood are count. The count is measured as all the particles around a certain specific area. The whole amount of blood particles is impossible to measure if we do not do it on a geometric range. The quantity of all the blood particles within a unit of the slide is quantified to assess the reference range throughout the whole body. 

The particles that are mainly measured in the blood are red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. All of these three particles are taken into account while counting the CBC test. On the report of the result, all the blood particles are taken as one unit, and the whole count of all these three results is in the test.

The amount per area range is fixed to refer to as a reference range. If the patient can attain a certain level of count in the test, the patient is taken as normal. If the overall count is low, it might be a case of leukemia/anemia or some other deficiency.

The amount of serum level sap and water is not measured in the test. The measurement of these liquids is assessed through some other tests as well. You have to perform other tests from the diagnostic centers for this purpose and all of them have different prices. Though, the separate count of blood particle results is done with a single specimen or sample. As a matter of fact, if you want the serum related tests, this can also be made possible with that same sample.

The test and the report collection

The tests are very easy nowadays. Anyone can attain any Ibn Sina complex for this test. Upon discretion, your sample would be taken along with your credentials. These credentials would help you to collect the test report and also view the result online through the online portal.

You need to save your credentials in order to view the results on the internet and are presentable in front of any doctor. The test reports are presented in a very subtle manner nowadays and even a normal person can know about the result and take the underlying information of the report.

The reasons for advising the test

The test is mainly advised to get an overview of the overall health condition. If someone has a lower amount of particles, it might be a case of anemia or leukemia. The problems that are also associated while advising the tests are weakness, fever, tiredness, bruising, bleeding, swelling, etc. In some cases, the doctor might ask for a CBC report to get to know about another disease.

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