Chevron Chittagong Test Price in Bangladesh

Chevron Clinical Laboratory is a renowned hospital in Chittagong and much popular among the people for their testing quality. The corporation started its journey on 22 February 1984. The organization ventured into Chittagong. As Chittagong is one of the highest ranked commercial area, the need of a modernized hospital with the premium class was expected.

Chevron started making the way with high-tech diagnosis machinery and input which came up with great accurate results. The are considered as pioneer in healthcare facilities in the Chittagong division. They have served well over millions of satisfied people since then. People love to take healthcare advice from this institute due to their acknowledgment and obtained accuracy.

Chevron Clinical Healthcare has settled into nine offshore and downtown healthcare facilities to give access to a lot of people with medical services around the region. People can take care of health issues in a quality manner near at hand. The dispatch team is kept at their disposal to issue rescue or any other services offered.

The institute provides a large range of testing and diagnosis services. There is one special thing about the institute is that they have gained accurate results among the healthcare testing services within the area. The have improved in their healthcare management section to a standard class. It is a belief within the care providers that, the right diagnosis can transform the situation to achieve better treatment.

Chevron Chittagong Test Price In Bangladesh

Test Name Price In BDT/Taka
Mammography (Single) 200
Mammography (Both) 400
EMG 300
BMD 300
Fibroscan 500
ETT 400
Endoscopy 300
Bronchoscope 300
NCV 300
Color Doppler 300
EEG 200
Lung Function Test and Broncho Provocation 100
Uroflowmetry 100
Bone Scan 500
2D Echocardiography 200
ICT (spot) 300
Colonoscopy 300
Dope Test 500
OPG 100
Chevron Basic Health Check Up 6200
Chevron Executive Health Check Up (Male) 11500
Chevron Executive Health Check Up (Female) 14500
Chevron Master Health Check Up (Female) 8500
Chevron Master Health Check Up (Male) 8000
Chevron Whole Body Check Up (Female) 22000
Chevron Whole Body Check Up (Male) 19000
Chevron Menopause Check Up 13500
Chevron Heart Check Up 12000
Chevron Pre Employment Check Up 3000
Chevron Well Women Check Up 13000
Rheumatic Profile 8000 (only payable by debit/credit card)
Hypertension Profile 7000 (only payable by debit/credit card)
Renal Profile 3000 (only payable by debit/credit card)
Ultrasound FNAC 500
MRI 1000
CT Scan 1000
CT guided FNAC 500
Ultrasound guided FNAC 500
PCR 500
Biopsy (small) 200
Biopsy (large) 400
Biopsy (medium) 300
You can avail 20%-50% discount on service charge and 10%-20% discount on tests.

The corporation has thrived through the way of establishing its reputation and expedited its service even in losses. From the start to the year 90’s, the organization has brought a huge loss of 50 thousand USD each month and that did not stop them from keeping up with the progress.

The first establishment occurred at the Hillview Residential Area, which is situated at the downtown of Chittagong. The place is recently known as Afmi Plaza Shopping Complex. It might sound the opposite way but the truth is, their previous establishment gave the company proper establishment to operate their activities in more spacious places. The overall growth was on a geometric scale and they broadened their service region and facilities.

Chevron is operating from Nizam, Panchalish since the year 2005. Their first journey started from a subtle capital of two million dollars. In regard, the 2016 report of Chevron announced their total worth of 30 million dollars and surplus. They have proven their acute sincerity towards the patients and services. The overhelmly sustained long-run has made the organization more steady to rise than ever before.

The Chevron has a wide range of specialized services and their briefs are written underneath.

Patient Department

Each day a gross amount of people are receiving treatment from this institute. About three hundred people take the services of Chevron each day. The company has made its rule to serve the people who came first are served before. This process is a non-violable procedure and has made the institution more trustworthy. The evening time has OPD department at their disposal and kept open for services. There are wide hallways to accommodate patients with all kinds of sitting arrangements.

Cataract Services

This is one of the main reasons of blindness among the people of Bangladesh who are losing their sight. The problem could be solved with simple steps taken. The surgical procedure is quite simple, easy, and hassle-free. People can take the cataract service from the ophthalmology department of Chevron. A group of a dedicated medical practitioners is present to provide the patients with great quality eye treatment.

Pediatric Service

The ophthalmology department of Chevron is simultaneously serving pediatric issues along with eye care. The research section and the doctors are providing all pediatric care to children whose age are lying below sixteen years. The ophthalmology department of Chevron is one of the highest valued departments in the whole Chittagong within medical treatment facilities.

Vitreo Retina Facility

Problems of patients with the retinal disease are much sophisticated. Few of the problems are easily detectable while others are hard to follow. The diagnosis of these sharp problems needs high-end diagnosis devices and very hard to come by within the Chittagong region. The Chevron has taken this part of service on a serious note and opened Retina Department to solve things up. The Vitreo Retinal service is available here and the intricate retinal problems are taken care of at this department.

 Orbit and Oculoplasty Service

Extra ocular problems and disorders are treated in this section of ophthalmology. The lacrimal gland problems and the disorders associated with the eyelid are treated here. The intricate nature of these problems are dealt in a professional manner here. The operation theater has all the modern technologies to serve patients with great care and accuracy.

The whole facility and quality of standard has made this institution famous. People are welcomed here with great cordiality.

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