Chevron Chittagong Test Price 2023

Chevron is a well-renowned brand in the healthcare sector in Chittagong. It has nine branches of diagnostic centers and hospitals in Chittagong. It is one of the first choices for the people living in Chittagong and good healthcare is available within the vicinity. The corporation founded the organization in the beginning of 1984. In the beginning, the did count a constant loss of fifty thousand dollars per month, but the founding members did not lose ahold of the company. They continued quality service to the people for a long time and the establishment came with thriving achievements.

The head office of Chevron is now at Nizam, Panchalish, Chittagong. Their previous foundation provided the company with a breakthrough to manifest a large area for other destinations. They have made ways to provide care for about three hundred people each day. Their policy is ubiquitous for all patients. The services are given as per their registration timestamps instead of emergency cases.

You can go through the next part of the article to know about the price list of Chevron. Moreover, the organization has a few dedicated service sections where patients can get the highest quality of services. Their most distinct department of services are the pediatric service center, cataract services, vitreo retina facility, orbit and oculoplasty service.

The emergency units are kept open for all 24 hours to provide patients with a quick service. The phlebotomy and emergency units are sharp in their skills. Moreover, they have hired the best quality of doctors for the highest level of healthcare.

Chevron Chittagong test price

Test Name Test Price (In BDT)
Ultrasound FNAC 500
CT guided FNAC 500
Mammography (Both) 400
ICT (spot) 300
Biopsy (medium) 300
ETT 400
Chevron Whole Body Check Up (Male) 19000
NCV 300
Chevron Well Women Check Up 13000
Colonoscopy 300
PCR 500
Fibroscan 500
Chevron Executive Health Check Up (Male) 11500
MRI 1000
EEG 200
EMG 300
Mammography (Single) 200
Chevron Basic Health Check Up 6200
Bronchoscope 300
ECG 200
Dope Test 500
Ultrasound guided FNAC 500
Lung Function Test and Broncho Provocation 100
OPG 100
Chevron Executive Health Check Up (Female) 14500
2D Echocardiography 200
Color Doppler 300
Chevron Whole Body Check Up (Female) 22000
Endoscopy 300
Chevron Heart Check Up 12000
Chevron Master Health Check Up (Female) 8500
Uroflowmetry 100
Chevron Menopause Check Up 13500
CT Scan 1000
Biopsy (large) 400
Chevron Master Health Check Up (Male) 8000
BMD 300
Biopsy (small) 200
Bone Scan 500
Chevron Pre Employment Check Up 3000
Rheumatic Profile 8000 (only payable by debit/credit card)
Renal Profile 3000 (only payable by debit/credit card)
Hypertension Profile 7000 (only payable by debit/credit card)
There are special discounts for patients on service charges and the rebate can be from 20% to 50%.

Moreover, the patients can obtain up to 20% deduction from their test charges. The organization has held its quality in providing accurate test results for a long time and has proven its worth to people. The bar has been set high for medical care and healthcare for which Chevron has gained popularity among people. Everyone can expect a high standard of hospitality from Chevron.

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