Chevron Doctor List 2023

Chevron is one of the highest-rated hospitals in Chittagong. With a quality list of doctors and an expert team of services, the hospital has gained popularity way beyond the margin. The hospital first started its journey in 1984 and now has expanded to a range of 9 establishments in various points of Chittagong. The foundation held their nerves throughout the journey and went through ups and downs. They have thrived through the contrary and are standing still with pride.

You can take the expert care of the specialized team of doctors and the services are being provided around the clock. To find the doctor list you can arrive there in person and find the custom brochure from the establishment or the receptionist. The address of the hospital is Nizam, Panchalish, Chittagong. The Chevron is a landmark point around there and easy to find.

Moreover, you can contact the hospital authority over the phone to get their doctor list. The phone number of Chevron Chittagong is 01756203720. If you want a quick or emergency service from the hospital, you should dial their hotline number in an instant. The hotline numbers of the hospital are 01755666969 and 01713487903. You can call an ambulance or an instant query via the hotline number.

There are a lot of other conveniences that you can find at the hospital. The hospital building comprises a fully equipped diagnostic center. Fresh water and food services are available in the building for visitors and patients. The doctors of the organization are much sincere to provide dedicated care to the patients. In each section of their healthcare, you can find specialized doctors in that particular segment of treatment or parts of the body. 

To talk about the doctrine of healthcare, the first thing one should think about is the proper raising of a child in a country like Bangladesh. The country has surged with people where the resources are limited. It is more significant for a parent to know about proper upbringing than just being a parent.

The child should be breastfed for the first six months without any other adulteration in food regardless of the rituals. When they reach the said period, they should be given diets with proper protein, vitamins, and minerals. As the protein takes care of the child’s brain formation which occurs in the first five years of that individual child’s life, so it is crucial fact for them to get properly nourished by the protein.

There is another underlying fact that occurs within the first few years of the child’s life and that goes along the whole life span. That is the teeth. If the child is not orally clean in the first few years or along the way, they can be victims of teeth and gum problems in early life. As the teeth are not replaceable, they have to bear this problem throughout their life. So, regardless of their age or the food, the children’s parents should be enough careful about oral hygiene.

A huge number of people in Bangladesh think that brushing only during the morning or any time of the day is enough for teeth and gum care but it is not. Only brushing at night is consequential. Even if the brushing occurs randomly throughout the day and the child’s teeth are not cleaned before sleep, the remainder of the food creates acid through the whole night and causes decay of the teeth. This decay promotes further teeth and gum problems later on and causes deeper problems or painful fatigue. So, oral hygiene is also a criterion that one should be concerned about. Albeit, the rule is same for the older persons as a rule of thumb.

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