CXR Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

CXR test price is under the rate of a thousand taka. See the test price section to know about the CXR prices in detail and other relevant associations. The CXR test is known as a chest radiocardiogram. Radiocardiogram is a bit different from the echocardiogram or echo or doppler technology. The article is intended to provide an intermediate level of knowledge depth on the CXR associated with scrutiny of the subject and a dedicated section about the pricing of the test.

CXR test price in Bangladesh

CXR test price is quite fixed at nine hundred taka (900 taka) at most diagnostic centers or hospitals. The price can alter a little bit in amount as per your service center’s generosity. If you are being supported in friendliness and acknowledged with test quality, they have to keep the price a bit high to afford all of these extra for you. In the disease section or health concern, it is a must to maintain immunity from the atmosphere where you might be exposed to other diseased people and other facilities.

So, in a country like Bangladesh, if you can afford your cost to bear the extremity of your area to be this secure in the cabin or isolated place, where the other people are suffering together in slam-like hospitals; you are supposed to pay some extra from your pocket.

Reasons to be advised

This test is prescribed to patients who are suffering from diseases associated with the thoracic region or the cavity. The cavity part of the thoracic region consists of very sophisticated and significant parts of the human body. Also, these parts cover a huge range of diseases for which humans are suffering in the most amount of numbers throughout the world.

The test is advised to the people suffering from heart diseases, vessels of heart, lungs, congestive heart failure, etc.

Methodology of CXR test

The chest cardiography system can be simplified as an X-ray of the chest. In this test, an X-Ray of frequency of 10^16 to 10^20 hertz (magnetic frequency count per second of emission) is passed through the chest region and a film captures the radiation passed after being inflicted through the human body (chest in this case).

Exposure to radiation

The X-ray frequency is quite high in range and is considered radioactive in human body. Whenever some person takes an X-ray test, the body absorbs some amount of radiation into the body. The process is not that harmful but it should not be taken frequently in parallel with other tests which appear on the regular health check-up list.

Report preparation

The radioactive film is used to capture the final output or report of this test. The report preparation needs about an hour to deliver. In this test, the online radioactive report can not be used for reporting to the doctor. Because the polarized film provides the doctors with a lot more information which is only detectable by observing the film close with a white backlight.

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