Endoscopy Test Price in Ibn Sina 2023

Endoscopy is an intermediate to advanced level test in medical science. In this test, a long piece of tube is inserted into the body. The pinnacle of the tube contains a miniature camera with it. The tube is inserted through the openings of the body to see the inner cavity connected to it. Regardless mention the light source at the tip also.

In modern days, the biopsy test is also has been associated with the endoscopy test. The test mainly has been designed for checking the thoracic, abdominal, and bronchial regions of the body.

Reasons to advice

There are a bunch of reasons or problems which might be treated with the help of endoscopy. The most common features of the tests are vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcer, problem swallowing, nausea, etc. These have been the common reasons for which years of medical practice has relied on this set of problems. Though, many ulcer kinds of diseases or aberrations like inflammation or infections might be treated as a concern and should be passed through the biopsy test.

The advancement

There has been made enough advancement this far. Live color monitoring is available for the doctors or for reference reports. This has made the life easier for doctors to prescribe the patients at ease. Moreover, the tubes are now capable of collecting expected cells from inside the body and through the tip of the tube itself.

This sample collection has kept it inbound to the doctors to get access to the sample material from inside the body. These collected cells could go through PCR tests and biopsy tests. It is also a matter of fact that, the incision would be made with the help of noticing the aberration size and its vulnerability to inside liquids.

The history of the test

There were people who played the role of swallowing the swords to entertain people. The famous doctor Adolf Kussmaul drew the idea of seeing inside the body through using the same technique. The hollow cavity made the way to see through to the inside regions of the body but the challenge remained in putting up the light source at the point of direction or camera.

While the doctors suffered by an inadequate source of light, which was placed outside of the body at that time. Later, the Glasgow Royal Infermary of Scotland made enough development to the idea and used camera with proper light.

Endoscopy test price in Ibn Sina

There are a few kinds of endoscopy and the price range is different from one other. The simple video endoscopy costs between 2000 taka to 2500 taka. The sclerotherapy endoscopy costs from 6000 taka to 800 taka. The polypectomy costs from 12000 taka to 18000 taka. The ECRC and Ascaris test cost between 25000 taka to 30000 taka. The oesophageal balloon dilation would cost between 12000 taka to 15000 taka.

If you wish to take the test from government organizations, you might be charged a bit less. Moreover, in a few cases of economic crisis, even your test costs could be discharged. Though, it is not the case in every test. These are granted upon special conditions and under close scrutiny by some doctors.

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