Epic Healthcare Test Price 2023

Epic Healthcare is a renowned hospital and diagnostic center in Chittagong. They offer a vast range of diagnostic tests. There are individual tests present within their premises. It is very convenient for a patient to take the tests from the institution and get healthcare solutions from their bona fide doctors at their conveyance.

The test prices of Epic Healthcare have a range of prices for different packages. You have to reach the price section to know about the ranges. This part is discerned to you to let you know about the packages present at their allocations. The test packages have been made in order to support a spatial range of ages. The subgroup of people from 18 to 40 years of age has the package named Executive Premier Check-Up.

Here, Executive Premier Check-Up is the name of this specific range of tests for a certain age of people. These tests have also been branched into other age groups, like for people of 40+ years. These tests are subdivided into male and female groups of genders.

The other targeted range of tests are cardiac screening package, kidney check-up package, liver screening package, osteoporosis package, child check-up package, cancer screening package (male or female), and1 women basic check-up. 

It is available to the male group of people. The test includes, serum creatinine, serum phosphorus, serum urea, TSH, urine routine examination, ECT, USG of the whole abdomen, X-ray of chest, lipoprotein or cholesterol, serum alanine transaminase, sugar level, sugar cus, triglyceride test, bilirubin, serum alanine transaminase, serum alkaline phosphate, echocardiogram are available at a variable level of costs. The information about cost is written next.

Epic Healthcare test price

There are a range of tests. The test packages come at different prices while the association of tests varies in quantity and quality. If the packages have very few tests and are accomplished to query about a very specific or specific type of disease/disorder, the test prices remain at a lower range of prices. There are few routine checkups and in detailed check-ups, these can come at a price of an intermediate or higher level of cost.

The lowest price of test packages can start from 5000 taka, while the median or intermediate test costs come within the price of 10000 taka to 20000 taka. The medium-level checkups are quite thorough and help you guide to the recent health reports about your body. If you take any individual test, the prices are quite low for many of them. The blood reports or hematology reports are taken within 300 to 400 taka in Dhaka.

The MRI tests and radiology tests are within a range of 1000 taka to 3000 taka in most cases. Some MRI test prices can go up to 9000 taka. The ECG, ETT, EEG, USG (Ultrasonogram), and the Doppler tests prices have a range between 1000 taka to 4000 taka. Though the later spoken tests are available in remote regions of Bangladesh also and they offer a handy price for these tests.

So, if you have lower levels of problems, it is not mandatory for you to reach the highest destinations. Albeit, the combined or extended test prices can go about 40000 taka. Make sure, you read all of your test related documents with care.

The tests are in accordance with the privacy of women, Epic Healthcare has already appointed women appointees or doctors in order. Moreover, you can get the tests online and print them or send them to doctors for healthcare advice.

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