Ibn Sina Doyagonj Doctor List

Ibn Sina has a prominent branch at Doyagonj and you have all the facilities of the Ibn Sina complex there. Ibn Sina is a trusted name in the private healthcare sector of Bangladesh and a famed institution. The Doyagonj branch has eased the medical treatment for the people of Puran Dhaka and many of the visiting people.

Contacting the hospital from afar is a great relief nowadays. To ease your contact, the contact number of Doyagonj is listed in this article. If you need to talk to an executive, you need the call their landline number. The number of their land phone is +880247118925. On top of that, if you get all the other lines busy at any given moment, you can call any of the other two land phone numbers. The other two phone numbers are +880247118927 and +880247118528. It is not necessary that you have to call the land phone number from another land phone. You can also use your cell phone to call the landline numbers. You just have to dial those numbers on your cell and you are good to make a call.

Though all the famed and established facilities have a hotline number and those are open all around the clock. The previously told land phone numbers provide you service from 7 am to 11 pm, while the hotline numbers are ready for your service all the time. The hotline number of Ibn Sina hospital Doyagonj is 10615. There is an additional hotline number and for that, you can call 09610009615. By calling these numbers you can have your doctor list of the Ibn Sina Doyagonj branch.

If you need any more information, you can visit the complex in person or visit the official website of Ibn Sina Doyagonj for your convenience. Not only do you have the doctor list at your discretion but also can know about their degrees with relevant years of expertise.

The doctors of Ibn Sina Doyagonj are highly experienced and experts in their sector of healthcare. You can find doctors who have completed their studies and practice in first-world countries. If you reach the Ibn Sina Complex of Doyagonj, you can avail yourself of the information from the reception area. If you need further assistance, hospital assistants are present for your hospitality.

If someone is in some emergency condition, they could be admitted to the emergency area or the ICU immediately. If not, one should see the doctor first. Someone could get admitted to the hospital upon the doctor’s advice. Mostly the doctors get confirmation of the disease after a positive test for a trait. The doctor can also admit a patient seeing the severe symptoms of a disease or a worse health condition.

One can also take the advantage of the diagnostic facility of Ibn Sina. The Ibn Sina is famed for their quality diagnostic services and provides a huge cut from the total price for the benevolence of marginal people of Bangladesh. Many poor citizens can also get a larger sum of rebate if they are getting treated by the Ibn Sina for a long time and is facing worse physical condition. In such cases, you need discretion from the doctor for such benefits.

There are combined health check-up packages in Ibn Sina. If you are taking a regular health check-up package, you do not need to see the doctor at first. You can just take the package. Though, if you see some anomalies in the report later on, you should see the doctor immediately.

Adding to this, there are special health check-up packages. These are focused on some specific disease or condition. Like kidney check-ups, liver check-ups, pregnancy check-ups, etc. These are also health check-up packages but need permission from the Doctor at first. You have to let the doctor know about your problem first, and then the doctor would guide you to the package that you need to take.

The packages which are not related to basic and mandatory check-ups might have few additional tests involved and many are not interested to take those tests. They can take their necessary tests individually for saving their cost. Also, the packages arrive at a reduced cost than the sum of individual amounts of the tests. It is a benefit to the patients or clients and it tempts them to take the tests on a regular basis. It is also recommended that you take a health check-up every six months even if you are properly healthy and fit in nature.

If you have a physical problem or medical condition, you can either stay at the hospital or have to manage your stay in Dhaka. It is advised that you take precautionary financial measures beforehand. Though money transfer has become virtual nowadays and people can arrange money from afar and which is a great relief. Also, you can pay your bills to the Ibn Sina Doyagonj with your debit card or credit card. The doctor list is obtainable from the reception area or by calling their numbers but also you have the opportunity to have the doctor list from the brochure that you can find if you arrive there in person.

You have to know the type of disease or anomaly that you are facing and you have to see a doctor who is a specialist in that section of treatment. It is much recommended that you do not see just an M.B.B.S. doctor when you have an expert specialist at your disposal. Additionally, the years of practice in that specific section or years of practicing expertise are much appreciated when you evaluate a doctor.

Remember, if you are having some operation or surgery, you should check the doctor’s additional two-year degree in surgery atleast. If you are in need of some intricate tests and can not find it there, you can visit any other location of Ibn Sina. Moreover, you can visit the BSMMRU or DMC, or other private hospitals for your test in case of unavailability.

If you have anything to ask, you can just drop a comment. It is a priority to reply and serve you with the best available information.

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