Ibn Sina Hospital Test Price List 2023

Ibn Sina Hospital is one of the renowned hospitals in Bangladesh for providing test reports at a convenient and cheaper price. You can get a straight 25 percent discount on each test and can definitely expect the highest report quality. You can find the disclosed price range for health packages in this article. Also, you can take the information of different test prices from our websites and can consider 25% less charges than mentioned from other hospitals and diagnostic centers.

Ibn Sina Hospital Test Price List

The proprietory enunciated the normal ranges of test prices for the packages of a health test. The tests are performed on a bunch and any of the patients or a normal person can take these tests according to their healthcare concerns.

Name of the Package Original Price (Taka) Package Price (Taka) Doctors Fee (If necessary)
Basic Health Check-up for Male/Female (Adult) 7122 4600 500
Executive Health Check-up for Male (Up to 40 years) 7308 4650 500
Executive Health Check-up for Female (Up to 40 years) 10108 6500 500
Executive Health Check-up for Male (Above 40 years) 10958 7000 500
Executive Health Check-up for Female (Post-menopausal / Above 40 years) 16258 10500 500
Comprehensive Health Check-up for Male (Above 40 years) 18858 12000 500
Comprehensive Health Check-up for Female (Post-menopausal / Above 40 years) 24158 15500 500
Cardiac Check-up Package-1 (Suspected) 7372 4750 500
Cardiac Check-up Package-2 (Suffering) 8372 5400 500
Liver Check-up Package-1 (Suspected) 5204 3300 500
Liver Check-up Package-2 (Suffering) 10797 6900 500
Primary Diabetic Check-up Package 2758 1750 300
Standard Diabetic Check-up Package 6058 3850 300
Thyroid Check-up Package 6536 4150 400
Renal/ Kidney Screening Package 5672 3550 500
Cancer Screening Package for Male 6604 4200 500
Cancer Screening Package for Female 9904 6300 500
Pre-Employment Health Check-up Package 3322 2100 300
Pre-Marital Check-up Package 6004 3800 500
Child Health Check-up (4 years to 16 years) 7022 4500 400
Smoker Health Check-up Package 4754 3000 400

Package Tests Vs Regular/Singular Tests

There are a range of packages available to choose from for any healthcare concerns. The packages are built as per the need of patients where few thorough tests are needed to be taken at any given moment. The packages complete the needs of the patients on an overall basis. While the packages are required, the patient needs a few tests at a time where the whole package is served at a lower rate for the financial convenience of the patient. The other tests can be taken individually if the patient is in need of a specific test.

In this case, the amount of price for the patient is the same as the other normal tests individually. Overall, the packages are offered at a convenient price for the patient but at the same time, the patient has to provide a sample or be in the screening for all the tests. If the patient wants to opt-in from any of the parts of the package, that test would be taken out from data collection while the price of the packages remains the same.

Other Facilities In Ibn Sina

There are some more other facilities for which the people go to Ibn Sina. The facilities are quite standard and available at some other hospitals too, but here you can really take benefit of these within a budget. The test prices are budget friendly and hazard-free. The few mandatory prime lists of these hospitals are enlisted below.

Female Attendee

Female doctors and lab attendants are appointed in a place where the women sit for tests. The screening tests and many of the sample collection is accompanied by female health assistants and nurses. Women doctors are appointed to take care of the observation of the maternity tests. Most of the patients in Bangladesh are from the religion of Islam. Though, it is a matter of concern for almost all Bangladeshi citizens to care about the privacies of women. In this regard, this issue is taken care in acquisite manner and most responsibly.

Safety Against Fire

There are many electromagnetic devices and ultra frequency level equipment that are generally held by the diagnostic centers. If there is any fire is placed in the complex, there are safety exits for the people and there is an adequate amount of fire extinguishers in each of the Ibn Sina centers, while the members of the organization know about the extinguishing methods.

Ambulance Service

The Ibn Sina hospitals and diagnostic centers are fully equipped with 24 X 7 ambulance services. Any patient can be taken from their respective places to provide medical facilities and healthcare treatments.

Parking Lounge

Ibn Sina Diagnostic centers and hospitals have parking lot as a convenience to the people who are having automobiles. The lounges are well distributed and any vehicle could be dispatched at any given moment as per the organization’s systematics.

World Class Reagents

There are a few kinds of tests. Some are diagnosed through electromagnetic frequencies or ultra wave interference. The other types and microbial or biochemistry tests. The relatively less complex tests are done as per the sample’s interference with the reagents. The reagents need to be in proper condition to obtain an accurate diagnosis report.

Any flaw in the chemical, atmospheric or physical state of the reagent can dislodge the whole testing procedure and the report can be inaccurate or vague. To take care of this aspect, Ibn Sina always secures the highest class of reagents for providing worthy reports.

Online Access To The Reports

In previous days, people were accustomed to collecting test reports from the diagnostic center in person. Though the technology has evolved up to the root level and to maintain parallelism with this aspect, Ibn Sina provides medical reports online for patients’ convenience. Any patient can get access to their test report after the stated time of report presentation through the online portal of the Ibn Sina trust. Each patient would be assigned with a profile and the reports would be given there.

Ibn Sina Complex (Equipped with Facilities)

The Ibn Sina complexes are equipped with a lot of digital scanning and imaging facilities. The complexes are fully equipped with cytology, microbiology, pathology, ECG, and USG departments.

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