RBS Test Price in Bangladesh Popular Hospital

The RBS test is one of the simple laboratory tests performed on the human body. This test is semi-invasive but easy enough. Some people also do it at their home but the initial test has to be done in the lab. Because the primary RBS test is used as the main reference and testing at home might not be as accurate as the first speculation is needed. Please follow along the article if you want to know about the RBS test price in Bangladesh and RBS test prices in Popular Diagnostic Centers.

Reference range of RBS test

The amount of blood sugar should be from 140 milligrams per deciliter to 190 mg/dL and is taken as a reference range of the RBS test. If the test report suggests a higher limit or above that, the patient or individual should already be susceptible to diabetic diseases. Though, a range of around 55 mg/dL suggests a low amount of blood sugar.

RBS test price in Bangladesh Popular

The RBS test is an easy test and can be done at a very convenient amount of price. In many parts and regions of Bangladesh, the test is done from 50 taka to 150 taka. Popular diagnostics charges 100 taka for the first test and the follow-up tests are done for 50 taka only.

RBS test at home

Diabetic patients need to check their glucose levels on a constant basis and frequently. To solve this issue and to release the pain of going further and further into the diagnostic centers, an automated blood sugar testing machine has arrived. This kit costs from 1000 taka to 1500 taka.

The test report obtained through this handheld machine is considered up to 95% accurate. The tip of the machine has a pinching needle and the needle makes a tiny opening for the blood to come out. This needle is placed on the fingertips and a scanty amount of blood is drawn. This blood is used as a sample to the machine and the machine promptly shows the amount of random blood sugar on its digital monitor placed in its body.

Each time you go for a test, you have to change the strip inside the machine. The price of the strip ranges from 10 taka to 20 taka. Though, you have to make sure that the strip should not be chemically affected or mechanically harmed.

The main RBS test

While the patient goes through the basic or main or primary RBS test, the sample blood is collected from the vein which is placed at the opposite direction of the elbow. This help to pull out a more precise result from the test where the fingertip tests are kept for later testing.

The treatment for higher RBS

While the lower RBS carries a less amount of concern, the higher RBS would result in diabetes. If you carry the diabetic condition into your body, you need to think more about your health. You have to manage your diet as per the doctor’s discretion. Moreover, you have to take some physical exercise to keep the body in proper activity to thrive through the situation.

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