RBS Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Random Blood Sugar test is known as RBS. In this test, the level of blood sugar is calculated while the patient is on a proper diet. This test is taken to diagnose diabetes mellitus. The test is very cheap and it can even be performed indoors. Many patients go to pharmacies or medical centers to perform the test initially. But those who have permanent blood sugar-related problems or diabetic conditions, often tend to buy the testing kit.

The whole testing kit itself is not that much costly and most of the patients are able to afford it. You can buy the testing kit once and you can only buy refills or strips to test the RBS rate. A patient can test the RBS on their own. Though during the first phase, the patients are not supposed to be aware of this situation and it is very common for them to take the help of a certified medical practitioner. There is a list of RBS test prices in Bangladesh listed for your convenience. Follow until the end of the article to know more about the RBS test.

RBS Test Price In Bangladesh

Test Name

Test Price

RBS Test in Hospitals

50 taka to 150 taka

RBS Test in Urban Cities

 equal or less than 50 taka

The RBS test price could be considered as a nominal amount. It needs a tiny automated machine that creates a small opening within the skin and takes a blood sample. The blood sample is soaked by the machine and chemically reacts with the testing strip. The glucose level of the blood comes as a digital record of that machine. The machine might cost anywhere between 1,000 taka to 1,500 taka.

It is a one-time cost and for the rest of the machine’s life, you only have to buy a testing kit to test the RBS on a regular basis. Most of the time diabetic patients buy the testing machine as the patient has to go through the testing process daily or on a regular basis. It is much better to pay for the strips only rather than going to the diagnostic centers and taking the test for a higher amount of money. Moreover, the testing strip comes at a price as low as 10-15 taka.

Normal Value of RBS

The value of RBS is measured in milligram per deciliter unit. The normal or usual range or RBS is somewhere between 140 mg/dl to 190 mg/dl. Though, as the range tends to go near 190 mg/dl, the patient is much more vulnerable to the disease of diabetic mellitus. On other hand, 55 mg/dl is also a matter of concern if the patient is containing such level of RBS within their system. It can be considered severely low blood sugar.

Overview or RBS Test

RBS test is taken to observe the amount of glucose per unit of blood. If the range is over the normal range, the patient is supposed to be diabetic problems in their blood condition. If the amount is lower than the prescribed range, can be considered having a low amount of blood sugar. Low blood sugar is very easily treated with food, drinks, and medicines.

Though, if the patient is tested diabetic, the treatment procedure is much more complex. It takes a long time to treat the disease and the patient might have to control their lifestyle and diet for the rest of their life. The disease itself comes with a lot of disadvantages. The worse potentially significant part is that the complete remedy is close to impossible where the overall lifestyle has to be taken care of the disease.

The patient does not require to carry out any kind of fasting before the test. Generally, the patient is prescribed to appear for the test with an occupied abdomen. Though, in some intricate cases, the doctor might advise the patient to appear for the test both while on an empty stomach and a full stomach. The process involves a bare tiny needle pinched into soft skin and a scanty amount of blood (as low as 8 mm) sample is taken.

Common Units of Measuring The RBS Levels

There are two commonly accepted parameters of measuring blood sugar. These two units are milligrams per deciliter and mili mol per liter. Countries like the United States, Japan, Russia, Germany use the unit milligrams per deciliter. The other unit is taken as an observation parameter in commonwealth countries. The United Kingdom and other countries of the commonwealth spectrum use the mili mol per liter as a measuring unit of RBS.

Standard Glucose Meter Used For Measuring The RBS

A glucose meter is used to determine the RBS in blood. It is a tiny handheld machine and can be operated manually. The inner strip of the meter can detect the blood sugar level and able to formulate a digital reading of it.

How The Result Is Obtained

The result is basically drawn from the chemical observation of the strips. The strip contains drums, discs, and cartridges as a series. The more the blood sugar is present, the more amount of discs is supposed to be affected. In a few machines, the input is given manually upon the change of colouring of the strips.

Though, these kinds of meters are not used mostly at this stage of science. The modern RBS meters do this process automatically. The meter has a digital display at the frontal region. The digital display shows the amount of blood sugar present in the blood.

Accuracy of RBS Test

The automatic RBS tests are considered authentic. General RBS meters can provide RBS reports with up to 95% accuracy. Normally, the tests are very accurate and granted as an efficient test where some of the strips might be affected mechanically or chemically. For this reason, there is a tiny scope of discretion that can not be considered as a reason to blame the process. Usually, anyone can test the RBS machine for detecting a diabetic condition or low blood sugar levels.

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