CBC Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

CBC is the short form of Complete Blood Count. The report about total blood particles is a simple way to let you know about CBC. The test is done to determine or diagnose if the patient has any blood-related disorder or not. The common diseases or disorders related to CBC are anemia, leukemia, infection etc. CBC test is prescribed with some other relevant tests at most of the times. Because only the overall blood count does not indicate the proper nature of the disease.

To obtain a precise report about the blood, it is necessary to count the individual particles as well. Most of the doctors tend to suggest RBC, CBC and platelet reports along with CBC. It helps the doctor to pinpoint the disease or to take a precise decision. All these blood tests are done with a single blood sample. It does not require the patient ot provide the blood samples again and again.

This is much more convenient for patients and also their expedient issues become commodious. CBC test is done in most of the diagnostic centers. As it does not require any mechanical diagnostic machinery, most hospitals and diagnostic centers as they can afford to conduct this test at their disposal.

The price range might vary from place to place and country to country. The diagnostic centers at the suburb and remote areas can provide an accurate result of this test also. So, you do not need to travel a distance to get a report of this test. Cost at distant regions can be a bit low as well. The disease related to CBC are not such dangerous but if proper care is not taken, the diseases might spread its branches to other directions as well. Below there is a list of costs of conducting CBC test at different cities and countries.

CBC Test Price in Bangladesh

Diagnostics Centers

Price (BDT/Taka)

Labaid Diagnostic Centre (Labaid test price list in Bangladesh)


Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center


Islami Bank Hospital and Foundation


Thyrocare Bangladesh


Bangladesh Specialized Hospital


BIRDEM General Hospital


Popular Diagnostic Center


Islami Bank Hospital


CBC Test Precautions During Pregnancy

The common components of blood change every three months. It is a crucial factor for pregnant mothers to get a blood test and obtain a complete blood report during their pregnancy. Many gynecologists refer or prescribe this test to get an overview of mothers’ health and prescribe necessary precautions. It is seemingly clear that, a huge percentage of mothers face some repose or lackings of platelet or other component as they proceed towards delivering the child.

It is a common and suggested factor that, pregnant mothers should take this test along with RBC, CBC, Platelet, HBC tests every three months while they are bearing their loving child. If any shortage of a specific blood particle is found or observed, the patient can take relevant medicines or eat adequate food to cover up the deficiency.

It is to remember that, deficiency is not a problem as it can be filled up with ease as long as there is not any infliction of disease. So, prevention and careful steps can offer a healthier and safe life.

Whether The Patient is Vulnerable to Any Risks While Conducting The CBC Test

The CBC test can be performed on any male or female person. It requires only a sample of blood to conduct all the blood tests altogether. The patient is not exposed to any kind of disease or harm while taking the test. Though, the patient might feel a slight amount of bruise or pain while the needle intervenes in the skin. The bruise or other pains are supposed to go away within a minute or so.

You can message the injecting spot for a few seconds to diminish the pain. Make sure to apply antiseptic with cotton at the injected opening. It prevents the skiing from any kind of invasion of bacteria or fungus or viruses.

What Does the Result Summarize

It is very common that the complete blood count might not be in its normal range. It might occur due to a disease or nutrition deficiency or hormonal imbalance. The abnormal amount of haemoglobin, red blood cells or hematocrit might be a sign of anemia or iron deficiency or heart disease.

Moreover, lower amount of white blood cell mean bone marrow disorder, cancer or auto immune disorder. If the amount of white blood cell is present more than the normal range, it might be a reason of any infection or side effect of some medicine.

The Reference Range of Blood Components

For each kind of blood component, there is a normal rate per sample unit. If the quantity falls within the normal range, the patient should not worry about the situation. But, if the range is lower than the average, the doctor might prescribe some medicine or food to fill the deficiency. Also, if the rate is higher, the suggestion of some medicine might follow. Beneath there is a chart about suggested normal range of various blood components for your reference or convenience.

Test Component

Normal Range

Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW)

11.50-14.50 %


32-35 g/dL

Hemoglobin (hb)

13-17 g/dL


80-100 fL

Packed Cell Volume (PCV)


RBC Count

4.50-5.50 mill/mm3


27-32 pg

Total Leukocyte Count (TLC)

4,000-10,000 thou/mm3

Differential Leukocyte Count (DLC)





Segmented neutrophils




Platelet Count



< 2%

The CBC test or complete blood count test is also considered as a routine check up for patient. It helps to detect a range of infections or disorders. Few common problems are anemia, immune system failure, blood cancer, disorder in immune system, etc.

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