Chevron Chittagong Doctor List 2023

Chevron Hospital is granted the topmost branded hospital and a trusted name in the healthcare sector. Chevron hospital has 9 locations within Chittagong and is dedicated to provide state-of-the-art medical treatment to a huge number of patients. The first brick of Chevron was laid in the year of February, 1984. Quality healthcare was a huge concern for people at that time. The founding members took the initiative to serve the local people with quality treatment.

Though the hospital business was not profitable business back then and the company started with a decline in its capital. During the start, the company had to bear a huge loss of about 50 Lack taka back at that time until they reached the year 1990. It was a tough decision to run a certain accommodation on this kind of loss but the company did not lose hope. They totally thrived through the situation and success was achieved.

Due to being a long-time establishment, the hospital became a reputed name among people. The more fruitful fact is that the doctors of Chevron provided high-quality treatment to patients. This is the key to success in either a hospital or an individual doctor.

The prime location or main center of Chevron is at Nizam, Panchalish in Chittagong. If you want to know about the doctor list of Chevron, you can dial their official phone number allocated to help you with doctor info which is 01756203720. If you get one of the lines busy, there are a couple of additional numbers to help you with the doctor list. The other numbers for doctor information are 01755666956 and 01713487901. If you are calling from outside of Bangladesh, please add the country code of Bangladesh which is +88 before the stated phone numbers.

Primed with the doctor list number, the hospital also has two dedicated hotlines open around the clock. You can call their hotline numbers at 01713487903 and 01755666969. Hotline numbers are answered by senior executives or receptionists or managers of the hospital and are adequate to provide you with any information or serve you in any emergency situation.

You have to book an appointment with the doctor by being there in person. The individuals who book an appointment prior to another is supposed to see the doctor in advance regardless of any other fact. Though, emergency patients are always given priority. There are some dedicated medical service departments of Chevron. These dedicated departments are cataract services, the pediatric department, oculoplastic and orbit services, and vitreo-retina care. Along with the special services, the emergency services are kept open to dispense service at any given moment.

Diagnostic services also play a huge role in the precise treatment of patients. You have the opportunity to complete your diagnostic tests from the hospital premises. The hospital is well-equipped with advanced diagnostic machinery and supports a wide range of tests. You can avail yourself of these tests at a convenient price. Therewithal you can also take health checkup packages or diagnostic packages.

The health checkup packages come at a handy rate. The overall price of diagnostic packages is well under the amount of the sum of the individual check-ups all along. You do not necessarily need permission from the doctor for basic health check-up packages. Though, if you want a specialized health package like “Kidney Diagnosis”, “Diabetic Package”, “Rheumatic Profile” “Hypertension Profile”, or “Renal Profile”, you have to have permission or a prescription from a doctor.

You can also be expectant of a gross rebate while being treated at the hospital. Chevron provides a 20-50% discount on test prices in many cases. There is a condition regarding health packages is that you can only pay the package test fees with a debit or credit card.

Besides, you can also take individual diagnostic tests. The hematology tests’ prices are well under 500 taka. You can also check the detailed test price list of Chevron from this article.

Chevron Hospital also has an ambulance service for helping emergency patients with their transportation. You can dial the hotline number for asking an ambulance service at your doorstep. You can get treated by specialist doctors from Chevron who are highly qualified in their area of expertise. You can trust their effective treatment like many other previously satisfied patients who got cured.

The stats of healthcare standard is very high at Chevron. They are much welcoming to all the clients. You get high-quality hospitality from the staff and nurses. If any of the female members of your family is being treated at the hospital, you can be assured of the seclusion or privacy from the male patients or doctors, or attendees. An adequate number of female doctors and nurses are appointed at each place that has a female issue involved.

There are large halls and corridors for your waiting and movement within the hospital premises. Also, you can park your vehicle at the frontal parking region. Before you take any test, make sure to know about all the specifications of the tests. Also, if you are being treated in a specific arena of healthcare, you can compare the qualifications of doctors and should see the doctor who is more specific to the nature of your disease or problem.

It is always recommended to take health precautions prior to losing your immunity. If your immunity falls apart, you can be susceptible to a greater number of diseases at any given moment. So, it is considered the best practice to have a balanced diet plan and also follow some physical exercise.

If you are not being within the vicinity of any branch of Chevron hospital, you can also take medical treatment from a Government hospital or community clinic. This option can give you the additional financial benefit of having the treatment at a minuscule amount of price. Albeit, the price is a little bit on the higher side at the private hospitals, you get proper accommodation facilities and expect better quality in all aspects.

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